Nancy Telzerow – Director of Operations

Nancy Telzerow is celebrating more than 20 years in the Acting Industry and as the Founder of NT Productions. Although she loves acting in film, commercials and on stage, one of her favorite opportunities is working for local hospitals as a care actor. She teaches empathy/ bedside manner at some of the best hospitals in the nation, including The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals. Bridging the gap between patients and doctors is a true love of hers.Nancy’s first connection with Chimein was when she was blessed enough to go to Guatemala and build 10 houses in 5 days. She also went on the most recent service trips to Colombia and returned to Guatemala. These two trips inspired her to take her new knowledge of building compost toilets and build them in the states.

Her communications degree and life experiences led her to teach at her alma mater, Baldwin Wallace University and she spent years molding young on air talent in Radio and TV Announcing. She brings this expertise to our Youth Ambassadors to help mold them into media savvy adults who can spread their messages effectively. Nancy is our Chief Operating Officer but much prefers to be called our Juicy Logistics Goddess as she likes to dot the i’s and cross the t’s with flair!

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