Alex Moldonado – Chime In Youth Ambassador – USA

There are times when I stop and think about all the struggles I have been through at such a young age. Those moments feel like eternity, and I feel as if my life is on pause, then I remember I have conquered that life already; back to reality. Those moments are what inspired me to be the change no one thought of. I am going to be the leader, the inspiration, the positive person, the role model, the happiness, the change in someone’s life that no one saw coming or could ever think would exist. Being a Chime In Youth Ambassador will give me the opportunity to give around the world, to reveal more struggles in life that we have not yet seen, to shed light on those who are lost in the dark, and to utilize my giving heart to the fullest in giving and helping a new kind of people in need of help.

I was born into a life of hardship trials, but with God watching over me, he gave me the ability to conquer it all. I feel I would forever be selfish if I did not advocate or fight on behalf for people who have and are going through what I have lived through. I want to bring awareness, I want to make differences, and I want to create changes for people who are in need of it. God granted me with an innate ability to constantly give and help out. I did not have anyone helping me get through all the struggles I went through growing up, but I cannot do the same to someone else. I cannot turn away and see someone struggling when I know can help them step by step overcome it. I know I can create so much happiness in people, and to be that is truly the most rewarding gift at the end of the day. I should be chosen as a Youth Ambassador because I am going to make a difference! I am going to be the change no one thought of! I see myself with an education in psychology, law, and social work, and utilizing them in order to help people understand the laws, the social workings in life, and help the mentally get through it, but ultimately, be there physically to help their heart get through it. I know I am destined to give and give, but being a Chime In Youth Ambassador gives me the opportunity to start spear heading that goal now.

I know I can truly be a leader and world changer if given the opportunity. One day people are going to look up inspirations, leaders, role models, advocates, peace makers, and world changers, and I would be on that list, I would be on it thanks to Chime In.

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