Chime In Code of Ethics

As part of Chime in, you represent a global community dedicated to making a difference in the world by acting as a role model – personally, professionally and ethically. As a Chime In Youth Ambassador, Mentor, Board Member, Team Leader or volunteer, we expect you to uphold the following code of ethics:

  1. I will treat all people, no matter who or what circumstance they happen to be in, with respect and dignity, even if I disagree with them.
  2. I am expected to “show up” and keep my word when I make an agreement. If I cannot fulfill my agreement, I will communicate to the program leaders with at least 24 hours notice.
  3. While attending a function, community service trip, media event, etc. I will maintain a professional appearance and attitude at all times.
  4. On a service trip, for safety sake, I will stick with the group (and not wander off) without communication to one of the team leaders.
  5. I understand that alcohol is available in many countries to adults 18 and older. As a team member of Chime In, I am allowed to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, if of age in that country. At any point, however, if I appear out of control (as in not making good decisions), I will be asked to stop consuming alcohol and agree to meet with team leaders about my behavior. During that meeting, I may be placed “on probation*” or asked to leave the event or community service trip.
  6. I understand that during community service trips it is my responsibility to take care of my personal well being to ensure I am a productive member of the team. This includes proper sleep, healthy eating, hydration, being prepared for weather such as overexposure to sun or wet conditions as well as not putting myself in a dangerous, compromising, personally or sexual situation.
  7. I understand that communication is of the utmost importance for the well being of the team and the efficiency of our work. To this end, I promise to engage in “non-violent communication” (i.e. honesty, integrity, respect, and self-responsibility) to the best of my ability.
  8. I understand it is my duty to fulfill the responsibilities that I have agreed to. If for whatever reason I cannot fulfill my responsibilities I will communicate directly with the project leader in order to find a healthy and productive solution.
  9. When I share publicly (via media or in person in groups) I will keep my comments succinct and to the point, and be mindful of the time parameters set forth by the venue.
  10. I will do my best to contribute to a positive and healthy work environment, celebrating the positive qualities of my colleagues and creating a platform for everyone to shine and feel supported.

Once you have read the Code of Ethics, please download our Chime In Code of Ethics agreement, fill it out and email to:



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