Sponsorship Opportunities

Chime In has some terrific sponsorship opportunities available. Each one offers a wonderful opportunity to make a change in the life of one of our youth ambassadors or a family in Guatemala or Colombia. Whether you donate a few dollars or sponsor one of the below packages, know that your donation is greatly appreciated by our entire team.

General donations – Money donated to the general fund will be used to fund team members trips to Guatemala, The Chime In You Tube channel, social media sites and general expenses for the program.

Specific Donation’s available:

Roof Raiser – $2700 – Give a new lease on life by providing a family of five with not only a roof over their heads but a home. Techo, the non-profit that builds the homes, instills a sense of pride in ownership by involving the family in the building process. Each family helps the building site manager and volunteers build the home they will live in. The family provides lunch each day and gets to know the volunteers who help change their lives.

Team Builder – $3500 – Our team of youth ambassadors and students are excited to return to Guatemala to build five more homes for families in need.  The team has been busy fundraising to pay for the houses and hopes to include a day immersion into the Guatemalan culture.  Your sponsorship will ensure that the team will have an opportunity to learn more about the country they plan to support.

Support Our Service Trip to Columbia – $150 per compostable toilet – Benjamin Swatez is hosting a trip to San Agustin, the archeological center of Colombia, where over 500 precolombian stone sculptures were discovered, is located near the birth of the Magdalena, in the state of Huila, Colombia. Benjamin is excited to bring awareness to the importance of keeping the water supply clean and safe as well as build composting toilets for 10 homes without running water. He plans to create a festival of music, education and building to create an atmosphere of support. He hopes to build 10 composting toilets at $150 per toilet 

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