Who We Are

Vision/Mission Statement:

Chime In is an international, youth based, youth-driven, mentor-supported initiative that supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by empowering young leaders (age 16-24) by inspiring radical diversity and extreme self-responsibility.

Core Values are reflected in the single word CHANGE:
CollaborationWe believe in an “all hands on deck” way of operating, and that the whole is larger than the sum of its parts.
Humanitarian-We believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that all people deserve to be treated humanely.
Action Oriented-We believe in rolling up our sleeves and doing the actual work required to create sustainable change.
NobilityWe believe there is a hero within us all and when we are connected to our higher purpose, our nobility shines through. 
Global Impact-We believes in real-world service that leads to sustainable results that have a global ripple effect.
Eimpower-We believe in co-creating an empowering environment that shapes and inspires the ChangeMakers and leader within us all.

Criteria for 2018 Chime In Youth Ambassadors

IMG_1830International Chime In Youth Ambassadors will be selected from around the globe to serve as role models to the world. These outstanding youth will be carefully selected by an international selection committee who will choose ambassadors based on their commitment to “being the change” they wish to see in the world and by their participation in community service projects that create local and global impact that align with one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Once selected, 2018 Youth Ambassadors will be asked to commit to participate in programs that may include a weekly radio show,  conference calls, leadership training, educational modules focused on the SDGs, an exploration of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, and an opportunity to learn from one another’s unique cultures, traditions, and worldview. There will also be options for participating in a mentorship program starting in 2018.


Ambassadors will choose an SDG to focus on, and then identify a related community service program they can lead or participate in to make an effective change in their own community. They will also be asked to participate in a year-end group project with their fellow Youth Ambassadors and the entire Chime In Team. We will be selecting between 10 to 14 Youth Ambassadors for 2017.

What is Required to Be a Candidate for the Youth Ambassador Program?

IMG_2670 To be eligible to be a Youth Ambassador you must be:

  • Between the ages of 16-24
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Open to learn and honor the diversity in our group and in the world (i.e. gender, religion, and heritage).
  • Able to demonstrate leadership in your community
  • Have reliable/stable internet access and be fluent in social media
  • Passionate about “Being The Change” you wish to see in the world
  • Self-expressed and eloquent with an ability to clearly speak/write your thoughts

If I Become a Youth Ambassador, What Will be Required of Me?

Once selected, in order to maintain your status as a Youth Ambassador you need to be willing and able to do the following:

  • Participate in two team calls per month (60 minutes)
  • Maintain a balance between CHIME IN service work and your academic endeavors (if applicable)
  • Travel and be a part of the Chime In Community Service Project (travel is based on group and individual fundraising)
  • Fundraise to support your own community service project (if necessary) and for your own travel to the group CHIME IN project
  • Be easy to work with, friendly, flexible, creative, and communicative
  • Check in once a week on our Facebook page and private group:
    • Let us know what you’re up to
    • Like, share, and comment on other youth ambassador posts
    • Share relevant links that relate to your project
  • Agree to follow the CHIME IN Youth Ambassador Code of Ethics
  • Pick a “Project” that relates to your Sustainable Development Goals

How Do I Apply?

  1. Write a 250-500 word essay answering the question: “Why I Should Be Chosen As a Chime In Youth Ambassador” and send it to: info@ChimeIn.org
  2. Create a 3-5 minute video answering the questions:
    1. Why do you want to be a Chime In Youth Ambassador?
    2. What are your top 3 qualities that will make you a great Chime In Youth Ambassador?
    3. Who are your role models?
    4. What does “Be The Change” mean to you?
    5. How/why do you feel you can make a positive difference in your community, region or country?
    6. What is your vision of the future in 2027? And what do you see as your place in it?

*  Make sure you show us your personality! This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to us!

  1. Three letters of recommendation sent to: info@ChimeIn.org


What will the Youth Ambassador Program be like for 2018?

The Chime In Youth Ambassador team will work closely with the leaders and mentors (individually and collectively) throughout an ambassadors term including a group community service project in one of the countries represented by one of our Youth Ambassadors. The Chime In Youth Ambassador Program is the ultimate opportunity to be of service, make a lasting difference in the world, and create friendships with an international group of young leaders.

What’s the age and nationality of the Youth Ambassadors?

Chime In is an international organization of Youth Ambassadors ranging in age from 16-24, whose past and present YAs have represented Uganda, Kenya, Dubai, Pakistan, Mongolia, Jordan, Honduras, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Nepal, Nigeria, India, Ecuador, Colombia, and Guatemala.

What is the role that the adult mentors play with the Youth Ambassadors?

The adult mentors who support our youth community are international, multicultural visionaries (and “action”aries) with expertise in leadership development, international diplomacy, service programs, media, marketing, public relations, education, content creation, diversity training, and spirituality.

We are an all hands on deck operation, and invite the world, young and old, to step in and become ChangeMakers—those who commit to self-responsibility and action toward being the change in their communities.

How do I recommend someone to be a Chime In Youth Ambassador?

Send the person you think would be a great Youth Ambassador, and tell them to send in their information (see above) to info@ChimeIn.org.

Can I suggest someone I don’t know personally?

Please do! Just let us know how you’ve heard about this person, and why you think they should be a Chime In Youth Ambassador. Please reach out to the person  you recommend (if possible), find out if they are interested, and let them know how to get in touch with us (info@ChimeIn.org).

Can I suggest myself as an ambassador?


Will it help if I submit multiple nominations, or have my friends nominate me several times?

No. It only takes one suggestion to be considered.

Is there a deadline for suggesting an ambassador?

The deadline for nominations is April 15th, 2018, however, it’s best to get your suggestions to us as early as possible, so we can research them carefully and make the best decision.

Do you pay ambassadors?

Chime In Youth Ambassadors do not get paid. This is a volunteer program that develops youth leaders personally and professionally while preparing them for the realities of community service today. This includes designing or supporting a community service program in their community or country, leadership training, and training in how to successfully support an international project.

Who will I be training with while I am an ambassador?

Chime In Youth Ambassadors receive one-on-one training with the following mentors:

Kelly Sullivan Walden (Chime In Director/Co-Founder)

Best selling author, Kelly Sullivan Walden is a visionary that not only dreams about “a world that works for everyone” but she creates and implements programs that bring her visions and dreams closer to reality. She is the Founder of The Dream Project, a non-profit organization inspiring young people to solve global issues described in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and The Dream Project’s international extension, CHIME IN. In her ‘spare’ time she is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker, and TV personality. She is a frequent guest on national TV and radio and is known as “Doctor Dream”, America’s premiere Dream expert. Her mission and dedication to empowering the youth and women of the world inspires all who connect with her as she leads the Chime In program and mentors the participants. Marianne Williamson may have written, “as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” But Kelly Sullivan Walden lives it.

Youth Ambassadors can count on Kelly for:

  • Inspiration
  • Support in identifying projects or strategic ways to implement it
  • A guided visualization, meditation, or a prayer to help energetically align with your higher purpose
  • Contacts with trailblazers who are doing world-changing work
  • Mentorship calls
  • Insight about the Hero’s Journey
  • Making changes and updates on our Chime In Website
  • Guidance regarding media, media training, and the radio show
  • Kicking their butt (spiritually speaking) to be the very best they can be!

Dana Walden, (Chime In Co-Founder, Director of Strategic Insights and Creative Implementation)

Dana is the former Chairman of the Education Commission for IREO (Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization), a founding board member of Fostering A Change (housing and program support for women aging out of the foster care system), board member of Celerity Educational Group (14 inner city charter schools in Los Angeles), co-founder of The Dream Project (empowerment program for youth), as well as an internationally acclaimed composer, performer, producer and director. He specializes in connecting the dots between passion, people and projects across diverse (and sometimes seemingly unrelated) platforms. His Muse Management approach is dedicated to “the dream realized”. He is Chime In’s Director of Strategic Insights and Creative Implementation.


Steve Allen (Chime In Co-Founder, Director of Media Relations)

Steve Allen is celebrating 25 years in the PR industry as the President and Founder of Steve Allen Media. The firm’s guiding tagline, “PR with a Conscience,” has been integral to its success in placing clients in media outlets ranging from The New York Times to Dr. Oz, The View, and Oprah Magazine. Steve has always had a calling to help young people. He was a Big Brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program in N.Y.C. for many a year, as well as a respected volunteer teacher at the Covenant House in L.A., which provides services to homeless and runaway youth. He is blessed to be able to promote and to be part of The Dream Project (an empowerment program for youth) in Los Angeles and has coached youth baseball and basketball for 15 years. Over the years, Steve has also accumulated a very long list of acting and directorial credits from N.Y. to L.A., including TV appearances on 21 Jump Street and the Seinfeld series and having shared the stage with Joanne Woodward in “Sweet Bird of Youth.” He is a Co-founder and the Director of Communications for Chime In.


Nancy Telzerow – Director of Operations

Nancy Telzerow is celebrating more than 20 years in the Acting Industry and as the Founder of NT Productions. Although she loves acting in film, commercials and on stage, one of her favorite opportunities is working for local hospitals as a care actor. She teaches empathy/ bedside manner at some of the best hospitals in the nation, including The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals. Bridging the gap between patients and doctors is a true love of hers. Nancy’s first connection with Chimein was when she was blessed enough to go to Guatemala and build 10 houses in 5 days. She also went on the most recent service trips to Colombia and returned to Guatemala. These two trips inspired her to take her new knowledge of building compost toilets and build them in the states.

Her communications degree and life experiences led her to teach at her alma mater, Baldwin Wallace University and she spent years molding young on air talent in Radio and TV Announcing. She brings this expertise to our Youth Ambassadors to help mold them into media savvy adults who can spread their messages effectively. Nancy is our Chief Operating Officer but much prefers to be called our Juicy Logistics Goddess as she likes to dot the i’s and cross the t’s with flair!

Benjamin Swatez – (Chime In Mentor, Arts Director), international mural artist
Ambassador Mildred Espinoza (UN Ambassador of Tourism for Guatemala), on camera producer talent for Telemundo and UN South South News Combined, this group has a vast knowledge in organizational, leadership and media skills as well as hands on experience to provide a wonderful growth opportunity for each ambassador.

For Chime In Ambassadors, the exposure, influence, and networking alone are worth their weight in gold—especially regarding college admissions and coveted job opportunities.

Take the initiative. Go to work, and above all co-operate and don’t hold back on one another or try to gain at the expense of another. Any success in such lopsidedness will be increasingly short-lived. These are the synergetic rules that evolution is employing and trying to make clear to us.

~Buckminster Fuller

Read the following books (and be willing to share your feedback about them on our calls):


Past FUNraisers:

The Chime In team (Dana Walden, Nancy Telzerow, Steve Allen, Mara Quigley, and Kelly Sullivan Walden) would like to pour open our hearts and shout out from the rafters THANK YOU to everyone who participated in making our Dia de los Muertos Fun(d) Raiser at Corazon Performing Arts a smash success!

Because of your help we raised $10,000 (and combined with our Crowdfunding Campaign) that makes for a total of $16,000-We are about 10k shy from being able to reach our ultimate goal—but we are well on our way.

A big thanks to the following people for contributing to sponsor a house:

Haitham Hassan, Jay Anderton, Ayman Sawaf, and Michelle Larson (and the Bliss Sisters) for collectively contributing to the building materials for what will be “The House that Bliss Built”!

And we couldn’t have had such a successful event if it weren’t for the generosity and talent of the following people:

• Giovanna Brandi and her team for hosting our event in her gorgeous Corazon Performing Arts studio

• Hasya Anais for choreographing and performing her original “dia de los muertos” flamenco dance with Haily and

• Luke and the Lovingtons for including us on their “Goodness Tour” and sharing their incredible uplifting music

• Benjamin Swatez (who is also a member of our core team) for painting the evening with love

• Helen Djukic for procuring California Fruit Wines and enriching us with such delicious (and unique) wine for the occasion

• Chef David for his exquisite and delicious food

• Wendi Resnick for creating such a beautiful “photo booth” area for magic to take place and for donating so generously to our fund to build home

• The Tuscali Mountain Inn, Topanga Home Grown, The Mimosa Café, Jelan Jelan

• Imports, Yoga Desa, Jo-e Sutton, Jonny Brower, Gypsy Racco, Nancy Telzerow

• Enjoy these photos of our event taken by the incredible Qumaru Nisa
IMG_1830CHIME IN is an international organization of Youth Ambassadors, ranging in age from 16-25, who are represent Uganda, Kenya, India, Ecuador, Colombia, Dubai, Pakistan, Mongolia, Jordan, Honduras, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Nepal, Nigeria, and Guatemala.

The adult mentors who support our youth community are international, multicultural visionaries (and “action”aries) with expertise in leadership development, international diplomacy, service programs, media, marketing, education, content creation, diversity training, and spirituality.

We are an all hands on deck operation, and invite the world, young and old, to step in and become “ChangeMakers”—those who commit to self-responsibility and action toward being the change in their communities.

See CHIME IN Code of Ethics

How CHIME IN came to be…

CHIME IN (The Change Is Me International) is the flowering of a simple, but pivotal idea conceived in August, 2006 when Kelly Sullivan Walden was first introduced to the UN Millennium Development Goals (UN MDGs). She thought, “I bet the solutions to world peace are in the minds and hearts of young people. We have to get the kids in on this!”

That idea soon grew into The Dream Project, an interactive educational program based on the UN MDGs that inspires young people to realize they have the power to transform the world. Engaging the students in a unique use of reverse problem solving, The Dream Project sparks creative and imaginative ways in which to tackle such lofty goals as “Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger” and “Achieve Universal Primary Education” by facilitating access to the “dreaming” part of the mind where, according to Albert Einstein, the solution to any problem resides.

Initially piloted in a 6th grade class at Nimitz Middle School (East Los Angeles) then at an 8th grade class at Celerity Nascent Charter School, the flagship school of Celerity Educational Group, a K-12 charter school system that began in the inner city of Los Angeles, The Dream Project became an instant success with students, teachers, and parents alike. Students became enthusiastic about creating projects to make their community a better place, and parents were happily surprised to hear their children chattering excitedly about what they were doing at school. The Dream Project is now offered school-wide in 20 schools throughout Los Angeles, Louisiana, Ohio, and Florida. To date, over 30,000 students have graduated the program, spreading the roots of Kelly’s initial idea deep and wide.

In the fall of 2014, the idea began to leaf out. Kelly was introduced by Steve Allen (from Steve Allen Media) to the Director of the World Peace Caravan (WPC), Susan Johnson, to adapt the Dream Project curriculum to include young people worldwide. The WPC was planning a peace caravan in the Middle East in December, 2015 and wanted to enlist a contingent of international youth ambassadors to lead the way. An international youth ambassador program for 16-25 year olds became an outcropping of The Dream Project- an interactive, virtual think tank/leadership development program where twelve young people from 10 countries (Pakistan, Nepal, Mongolia, Uganda, Kenya, Dubai, Guatemala, Honduras, The UK, and the US) brainstormed actionable solutions to the UN MDGs (soon to be revamped as the UN Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs) and began implementing them in their respective communities.

The program was in full throttle when complications arose (i.e. growing safety issues in the Middle East), and the WPC put its plans on hold. However, Kelly and the youth ambassadors were deeply invested in both their individual projects and their collective intention, so rather than sputter and die out, they have now budded out as CHIME IN (The Change Is Me International), thanks to a vision of one of the Youth Ambassadors, Mariah Reyes. CHIME IN would like to acknowledge the following sponsors for being instrumental to our success: Celerity Global Development and Young Living Foundation.

Meet the Team:

Meet Our Advisory Board:

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