Benjamin Swatez

Benjamin Swatez is both a student and teacher of life, who has travelled and worked in over 50 countries. After living his childhood dream of playing professional soccer in Europe, Mr. Swatez shifted his focus towards the healing arts. He is recognized internationally for his paintings and his art therapy projects with the children of war in Central Africa, with recently freed slaves of India, and orphans from the guerrilla warfare in Colombia. He has lived and studied with indigenous tribes in the Amazon for years and exhibits his art work in museums and galleries on four continents. Together with Luc and the Lovingtons, he co-founded the Goodness Tour: Taking music and art to where it cannot be paid for; live concerts with paint for people facing adversity. His website is:

Syrian Refugee Art Therapy Project

Benjamin Swatez teaching art therapy with over 800 former child soldiers and recently freed sex slaves.

Benjamin Swatez will lead the mural element of the Chime-in Guatemala Project in December and in January – February of 2016 he will lead the Syrian Refugee Art Therapy Project: The Colors of Love in Jordan.

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