Jessica Ellis – Chime In Youth Ambassador – USA

My name is Jessica Ellis, and I am 21 years of age… I have considered myself a world Changer a few times in my life, but also just as human as anyone else could be… I truly believe… ” We are ALL here to Help Each other. Help One Another.” I have done years of missionary work, internships and work with youth groups that truly consider themselves world changers. All these experiences have led me to creating an international club that is a World-Changing community of youth, Networking and Inspiring one another from across the globe, from wherever they are located in the world. Connecting with and discovering others just like them near their area… to work together and to make an impact. I believe you can change the world from exactly where you are… within our own communities there are needs that need revolutionized. We all have a calling in our hearts, and mine is to play a part in the uniting of Humanity, with a collective global effort to save our world! This is why I am so heavily passionate about YOUTH! No matter how you look at it, the Youth is the future and that’s something nobody can take from US… the world is in OUR hands. Now, it’s time to awaken the minds of our brothers and sisters, and empower them to start making a difference.

How do we empower? We Educate, Inspire, Set the standard for Change. By BEING THE CHANGE… Within our own lives… and sharing that example with the world on an international platform. This is why I have created a Club… Called UNITY! Because we need a place where we can all call HOME, CHIME In across the world and witness the action others are taking across the world. A place to share our ideas and receive mentorship from our elders, which would also play a vital role in the global effort for UNITY. As well as all organizations and ministries, corporations and businesses can Join The Club UNITY. By adding educational tools, mentorship, and resources to benefit our World Changing Community of our YOUTH! It’s a global effort, and it is about time we UNITE all of us, once and for all! You see, we have all these World Changers out there, who have GREAT organizations… but what we don’t have is a place where ALL those organizations can come together and share their knowledge and inspiration with one another. Membership based and still in the making.

This is ONE BIG project that I am Striving for As a World-Wide Youth Ambassador. I hope to create Global mission groups from across the world that collect resources from ministries and organizations that want to support the global effort of Club UNITY… to go into parts of the world that are forgotten and greatly in need of reforming systems that are sustainable and in need of health care, which is extremely important.

And in all Honestly, with all the diversity out there, that is ONE thing we as humanity can all relate on. We all need health. That is why I am passionately and full-heartedly representing and sharing the message of One of the Most Authentic companies in the World… This is The World Leader, Young Living Essentials Oils, which have farms on EVERY continent on the globe. They are doing remarkable and very big things for Humanity like conserving the purity of seeds, educating the masses on harmful chemicals, and building schools across the globe that are health conscious, chemical free, learning the ways farming and uses of pure essential oils on the daily basis. This is truly our only hope for putting business like Monsanto out of work. Young Living Uses ancient knowledge and modern science and technology to produce the highest quality of highly concentrated plant extracts, that are steam distilled through a very delicate distillation process called “Seed to Seal.”  Everyone knows Young Living’s “Essential Oils” are extremely powerful, potent and work very effectively with the majority of our needs in the health industry. They will soon be considered a part of our medical field, now that there are multi-million dollar campaigns going on that are getting the medical research clinically published. Countries such as the United States make this a difficult challenge due to the power of the pharmaceutical industry. I have had an amazing opportunity to be working with Young Living Essential Oils Directly for the last 3 years, getting the hands on education and witnessing the purity and unmatched dedication to bringing humanity the absolute purest oils in the world. An AWESOME fact is all these oils where used by all of our ancestors, and all cultures, and religious scripts mention these sacred oils. 98% of the worlds oils are cut, or adulterated with additives and solvents. Young Living plays a vital role in restoring humanity, and bringing about Peace in this world. These oils can perform things at a molecular level that no man-made structure could ever do for the human body, mind and spirit.

Like I said, One thing we can all UNITE on in this world is HEALTH, When we are healthy, and feeling good its a vibrational difference that causes our cognition and emotional wellbeing to flourish. There we will be able operate at an optimal level. The Mission of Young Living’s founder D. Gary Young and many others is to get Pure Essential oils into every home in the world. Literally, every home. Through multiple different outlets of opportunity, for us all!

So, this is my personal Mission I am sharing with you today. I hope to inspire others to educate, awaken and Empower one another to be the best version of yourselves, to wake up and find that sense of calling every human being has. To go beyond your own boundaries and self-thought limitations to conquer your ultimate dreams. For they are not just dreams… they are all divine visions that could impact our world. And remember, there are many people in this world, but you are truly an authentic piece of creation in it. You as an individual have something incredible to offer. There is nobody who is going to do things the way you will. Say, if you wanted to write a book on your greatest role-model, there may be a million books about that person you may admire… but YOU see that person/entity in a very unique way, and not one person will ever be able to copy your authentic expression! So, let that empower you to trust your heart, your calling, your mind, and instincts. Don’t be afraid! BE BRAVE!

Thank you. With all of my integrity, and LOVE May we ALL Become ONE and Prosper!

Jessica L. Ellis

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