Mojoko Fyn Kerah Zong
Camaroon/England Youth Ambassador

Why I Should Be Chosen As a Chime In Youth Ambassador

I am a self-motivated 20 year old who is very honest and determined. I currently live in the UK, in London with my mom, but I am from Cameroon in Central Africa. I am the first of three children. At the moment I am doing OCR BTEC Extended Level 3 Diploma in Information Technology at Harrow College. In the following paragraphs I will elaborate the reasons why I should be chosen as a Chime In Youth Ambassador.

I strongly believe that youths are the leaders of tomorrow and should be trained in a way that will enable them to do so efficiently. Chime In is a wonderful way for youths like me who are extremely passionate about helping others and making a positive impact in the world starting with the society I live in. Coming from Africa I know how important it is to care for the needs of others in this world where people are mostly concerned about themselves ‘me, myself and I’. I have and always wanted to reach out to the less fortunate people and show them love. This is something that can be done without the need of money, just being there for them and offering my services to help them to overcome difficulties that they may be facing.

In the future I would love to own a homeless shelter in my home town Bamenda and also have the desire to expand to other parts of Africa and the world in general. I also want to be an advocate of female education and empower women especially in countries which still don’t recognise the value of a girl child. I feel that Chime In is a great foundation, training and mentorship which will help me towards this goal.

I should be choen because I will put my heart and soul in to the program, offering my services where I can learn a lot of things from the amazing mentors who will guide me throughout this program.

I will love to be chosen as a Youth Ambassador so that I can be a great leader to others, to motivate them to be the change the world as they would want to see it.. I want to be a leader which people can look up to, to be a reflection of peace, love, unity, equality and humanity.

I really hope that I am given the honour and privilege to be a part of this great program.


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