Nicholas Mendez – Bogota, Colombia

“Why I Should Be Chosen As a Chime In Youth Ambassador” by Nicolás Méndez Rubio

I believe in change as a tool to explore the world. I’ve seen changes all through my life; living in this epoch means being part of change. It’s clear that not all of us will find change inside ourselves. To change is to recognize where and when this process of exploration is occurring. Nothing is changed unless a few of us start to recognize and explore the change that is needed.

I believe in intelligent design as the basis to all biotic and abiotic forms. Being part of this intelligent design is our honor and duty; thus, being part of Chimein would be a part of my series of actions for honoring that duty. Life is a message, wellbeing is message, responsibility is a message that I am committed to learn, teach and live.

How have I committed? There are three axes in which I explore change:

Through believing in new educative systems. Right now I’m studying the Bachelor’s degree in Sciences, in Integrative Ecosocial Design imparted by Gaia University Latina. This is an online program to establish a glocal (global and local) community of leaders in solving the environmental crisis humanity is facing.

Through teaching the things I learn in my University and my investigations in ecological livelihoods. I’m being paid by my former school (in Colombia schools go from preschool to highschool in one institution) to teach ecological concepts, native american knowledge, regenerative design and active learning. Also we are constructing an Organic Orchard to have a new space of apprenticeship.

Through intervening my home. I’m committed to teach my family how to have a regenerative livelihood. This have resulted in a change of diet, from a very carnivore into 2 or 3 days of vegetarianism per week; we also take care of some urban agriculture, we got tomatoes, strawberries, spinach, lettuce, beans, chili, lavender, citron, borage and coriander growing in our balconies.

I’m a youth ambassador of mother earth. I would like to share this experience with all of my brothers and sisters who want and deserve change.

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