Yanila Gosewisch – Columbia

I am Yanila Gosewisch, I am a young girl of 17 years, and I live in San Agustin-Colombia.

Since I was a little child, my parents were working in the Viracocha foundation, with and for the community, and I learned a lot and got a lot of experience in my lifetime with other kinds of lifestyles and human behavior.

I finished my high school in San Agustin with the local people and youth, and for me that was a different kind of environment. I could watch how the normal Colombian youngsters think in my town and how they care about life. So I started to figure out how I can make a positive change to improve my community’s life.

Once I had the opportunity to go to an event called “el llamado de la montaña” (call of the mountain) in the year 2012.

This event is a grassroots collective process that emerged ten years ago as a social laboratory for intercultural dialogue and joint action on how to carry out practices that promote regenerative and socio-environmentally responsible lifestyles.

In the year 2016 we went again with my family and this time I had the opportunity to lead the youth council. There I met other young people with a different kind of thinking, with more energy and more eager to make positive changes. Then I got involved in a youth network with the name CASA jovenes “Sustainable Settlements Council of the Americas” who seeks to articulate and strengthen the actions of Latin American national and regional networks that promote, train, research and disseminate sustainable and regenerative lifestyles.The youth council is part of the network that want to expand the reconnection with nature in all the areas in which the young people participate. After the event, I was motivated to keep working with the youth in my community to show them other kinds of ways and entertainment, and present them an alternative mind set regarding their environment. I want to continue with the project of my parents to help people with holistic ecology and trough the permaculture design to have better quality of life. In this moment I am trying to make that vision a reality, my purpose is to get empowered and learn a lot. When I heard about “Chime In” I was happy because we are a perfect fit and the training I will get will help me make my dreams come true. So I want to be part of the team because I am motivated to learn and will be the change that I want to see in the world.



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