Year End Event

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In Person Year End Gathering in Guatemala: 

Our year end gathering is intended to celebrate a year of learning and team building by participating in a meaningful, sustainable group community service project that makes a true impact in the community we visit. This will provide the opportunity to not only meet but to strengthen the bonds between our group members that have grown over the year. This gathering will also include each ambassador sharing their individual project, team building activities, guest speakers and an immersion in the Guatemalan culture.

Why Guatemala?

Guatemala is the ideal country for our gathering for the following reasons:
• One of our Youth Ambassadors, Antonio de la Roca is from Guatemala
• Antonio is the Social Director for TECHO. He based his community service project around his work at TECHO and our group is very familiar with the organization.
• We can participate in a hands-on building experience that aligns with a sustainable development goal and supports one of our ambassadors.
• We highly regard our relationship with Ambassador Mildred Espinoza, one of our program’s esteemed mentors.  Her experience and passion will provide guidance for successful travel to Guatemala as well as a tour to experience a well-rounded Guatemalan excursion. She will also serve as a role model to the youth in our program.
• Guatemala has established best practices in terms of hosting volunteers and missionaries. As this is our inaugural trip, observing these practices will provide an excellent learning opportunity for both the youth and leaders of our organization.
• Guatemala’s rich culture will provide the perfect backdrop to help us learn about peacekeeping from the mystical Mayan perspective.

Specifics about our Guatemala Service Trip/Agenda

  • Our group includes volunteers from our Youth Ambassador Program and a contingent from The Celerity Charter School of Los Angeles.
    • Chime In has raised funds for 4 houses ($2,700 each) and hopes to raise money for one more. The Celerity Charter School has raised money for 10 houses.
    • The entire delegation will arrive on December 13thin Guatemala City
  • Dec. 13-14thour group will stay at the Barcelo Hotel, Guatemala 7ª Av 15-45   Zona 9 ( Zone 9)
    • We will relax and get aquainted on December 13th then gather on the 14th for a special day of team building, presentations, and a tour of the local area.
  • Dec 15th More team building in the morning then we will travel to meet the families who we will live in the homes we build. Each family will help build their own home.
    • Dec 16th-19th work with TECHO building homes in the “Manuel Colom Argueta Community”
  • December 19th we will partake in special mural painting for the community lead by international peace artist, Benjamin Swatez.
  • We look forward to nightly wrap up meetings and journaling of our experience.
  • December 21stdepart Guatemala after an exciting week of giving and sharing together

Specifics about our Guatemala Service Trip/Agenda (first draft)

• Our group includes 35-50 volunteers flying in from Kenya, Pakistan, Dubai, Mongolia, Honduras, England, and Australia—meeting first in the US then flying in from Boston, Los Angeles, and Dallas.
• We are raising the funds for building materials for 5-10 houses ($2,700 each)
• December 13th arrival in Guatemala City

• We will be shuttled (by Barcelo Hotel?) from the airport to the Hotel Barcelo Hotel in Guatemala City
• Dec. 13-14th our group will stay (double occupancy) at the Barcelo Hotel, Guatemala 7ª Av 15-45   Zona 9 ( Zone 9) (About 10 minutes from Airport)
• Dec. 13th we will have a group dinner/meeting/team building opportunity
• Dec. 14th we will:
> (8am?) Gather for a morning meeting (is there a meeting room?)
> (10am?) take a bus to tour Antigua—we will need a Tour Guide and Transportation for the entire day.
> Lunch and a Cultural Event (Mayan dancers, Mayan Elder meeting, etc…)
> Possible interview on site and end day for coffee at Paseo Cayala Zona 16th in Guatemala
• Dec. 14th evening, group dinner/workshop/team building/prep for a week with TECHO
• Dec 15th (8am?) transportation to TECHO headquarters in Zone 15 approximately 20 minutes from Hotel.
• Dec 15th-20th work with TECHO building 5-10 homes in the “Manuel Colom Argueta Community” (staying at a school)
• December 21st depart TECHO provides a shuttle to transport us to the Guatemala City Airport

Work proposal for December 2015 

TECHO is a youth led non profit organization present in Latin America and the Caribbean that seeks to overcome extreme poverty in slums through the joint effort between the residents living in slums and youth volunteers.

21 Countries – 62 Offices in 2 Continents

  Mayan indians watch dancing, Todos Santos horse race and indigenous Mayan festival, All Saints day and the Day of the Dead celebrations, Huehuetenango, West Highlands, Cuchamatanes, Guatemala

Engaging One Person at a Time

Without the force of many, there is no movement strong enough to move forward. We are committed to inviting each member of the Change Is Me International team to learn about TECHO’s work and actively engage the mission with a donation and make an incredible change in the lives of the families and the community of Manuel Colom Argueta.

Internal Campaign:
Change Is Me International -TECHO annual giving day

TECHO would create an internal campaign that will include a strong message that is informative, emotionally impactful, and has a clear call to action.

The campaign has developing stages that include an expectation period, an informative phase, and it culminates with the solution and call to action.

The campaign has a strong digital component where most of the material would be distributed via email. In addition to digital, physical literature would be incorporated such as flyers, letters, and posters.

Join our Crowdfunding Event-Roofs for 10 Guatemalan Families


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