THANK YOU to everyone who participated in making our Dia de los Muertos Fun(d)

FundRasiingThe Chime In team (Dana Walden, Susan Johnson, Steve Allen, Mara Quigley, and Kelly Sullivan Walden) would like to pour open our hearts and shout out from the rafters THANK YOU to everyone who participated in making our Dia de los Muertos Fun(d) Raiser at Corazon Performing Arts a smash success!

Because of your help we raised $10,000 (and combined with our Crowdfunding Campaign) that makes for a total of $16,000-We are about 10k shy from being able to reach our ultimate goal—but we are well on our way.

I’d like to thank the following people for contributing to sponsor a house:

Haitham Hassan, Jay Anderton, Ayman Sawaf, and Michelle Larson (and the Bliss Sisters) for collectively contributing to the building materials for what will be “The House that Bliss Built”!

And we couldn’t have had such a successful event if it weren’t for the generosity and talent of the following people:

Giovanna Brandi and her team for hosting our event in her gorgeous Corazon Performing Arts studio

Hasya Anais for choreographing and performing her original “dia de los muertos” flamenco dance with Haily and

Luke and the Lovingtons for including us on their “Goodness Tour” and sharing their incredible uplifting music

Benjamin Swatez (who is also a member of our core team) for painting the evening with love

Helen Djukic for procuring California Fruit Wines and enriching us with such delicious (and unique) wine for the occasion

Chef David for his exquisite and delicious food

Wendi Resnick for creating such a beautiful “photo booth” area for magic to take place and for donating so generously to our fund to build home,

the Tuscali Mountain Inn, Topanga Home Grown, The Mimosa Café, Jelan Jelan Imports, Yoga Desa, Jo-e Sutton, Jonny Brower, Gypsy Racco, Nancy Telzerow,

And enjoy these photos of our event taken by the incredible Qumaru Nisa

Chime In–by Mariah Reyes

My four S’s in life are…

1.Service(to give )
2.Sustainability (to find balance)
3.Simple(dont overthink, or make things hard for myself)
4.Self-full(live without expectations, and love without attachment)

Awakening the world to BE the change


Vision/Mission Statement:

Chime In is an international, youth based, youth-driven, adult-supported initiative that educates the future (compassionate) leaders of the world by inspiring self-responsibility, endowing cutting edge leadership skills, and providing the platform for them to “chime in” and make a positive difference in the world. Instead of pointing the finger at others for what’s wrong with the world, we believe in the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, that we must be the change we wish to see in the world. And as we make that commitment and Chime In, one by one, and invite others to do the same, we will give rise to a more harmonious world.

Who We Are:

Chime In is an international organization of Youth Ambassadors, ranging in age from 16-25, who are currently representing Uganda, Kenya, Dubai, Pakistan, Mongolia, Jordan, Honduras, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Nepal, Nigeria, and Guatemala.

The adult mentors who support our youth community are international, multicultural visionaries (and “action”aries) with expertise in leadership development, international diplomacy, service programs, media, marketing, education, content creation, diversity training, and spirituality.

We are an all hands on deck operation, and invite the world, young and old, to step in and become “ChangeMakers—those who commit to self-responsibility and action toward being the change in their communities.

Core Values: Our core values are reflected in the single word CHANGE:

CollaborationWe believe in an “all hands on deck” way of operating, and that the whole is larger than the sum of its parts.

Humanitarian-We believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that all people deserve to be treated humanely.

Action Oriented-We believe in rolling up our sleeves and doing the actual work required to create sustainable change.

Nobility-We believe there is a hero within us all and when we are connected to our higher purpose, our nobility shines through.

Global Impact-We believes in real-world service that leads to sustainable results that have a global ripple effect.

Empower-We believe co-creating an empowering environment that shapes and inspires the ChangeMakers and leader within us all.